Learn to use Instagram for your Business - from scratch!

Social Media can be your best friend if you're using the right methods. 

If you're ready to stop playing guessing games and get your Instagram strategy sorted, come join us!


Say hello to our Instagram for Business Workshop for Beginners

In our self-paced, online workshop, we'll cover everything you need to know for running your own Instagram account from the ground up. Want to know what’s inside? Here’s what we’ll cover for you…


👉 The Instagram algorithm explained (no BS version)

Instagram is designed to serve us the content that we want to see. We break down how it works and how you can use this to your advantage.


👉 Getting your account set up (the right way)

A good Instagram account is more than just having a profile. You need to tick off a few items first, we'll walk you through the nitty gritty of getting set up!


👉 Nailing your theme

Creating a consistent theme on your Instagram grid will take your followers on your brand journey with you, plus it's a lot of fun! 

We've got 12 theme examples for you to get inspired by, and we break down which industries they work best for.


👉 Creating engaging content

Your aim on social media should never be to drive sales short term (that's a job for advertising). But it is a place to build your brand and foster relationships with potential customers who will buy from you later. 

We'll take you through key tips for how to deliver content that gets people engaged!


👉 How to find relevant hashtags

You've heard a million rumours about hashtags, well, we're addressing the rumours and giving you a strategy based on real results, tried and tested by us. You heard it here first.


👉 Understanding Instagram Features

Understanding the tools that Instagram gives you to use will help you harness the power of the platform. Stories, video, highlights, lives & IGTV should all be a part of your marketing plan.

We'll guide you through what they mean and when to use them.


👉 Our must have apps

We'll share our must-have apps for content creation, photo editing, scheduling & tracking your following.


👉 Building a relevant community

So we've told you throughout this course not to get too sales-y with your content. Why? Because when you build a relevant community of people who love your brand, the sales will follow naturally! We'll show you how to make this happen.


👉 Tracking your results with Instagram insights

Your Instagram Insights is an in-depth summary of how effective your current Instagram strategy is. This is where you'll learn how to track the results of your efforts!

Feeling better already?

Yep, the answers are all here waiting for you. Plus the luxury of picking our brain when you need to.

Our personal favourites...

It's all good, we promise, but these are some of the juiciest bits (In Our Humble Opinion)

Finding relevant hashtags

This can be so overwhelming! We break it down for you. Easy Peasy.

Nailing your theme

It can be so painful looking at other beautiful feeds and wondering how they get them to look so good. We have the secrets.

Creating engaging content

Social media isn't about short-term sales - but when you can engage people over time? That's when the dollars rain down.

And it's more than just a course

There are two things we wanted to do differently with our course... 1. You can do it at your own pace. 2. You get ongoing support from us.

An online workshop that you can do at your own pace, rain, hail or shine!

Yup, in-between school drop off, swimming practice & when Netflix asks if you're still there.

There are a few tests....but only so you can prove to yourself how smart you are! We know you can do it.

Join the group for ongoing support!

The best part....once you've signed up you'll be invited over to our super secret (okay not that secret) Facebook group where you can mingle and ask questions to your hearts content. We welcome networking & making new friends, because we're all about #communityovercompetition over here.

Y'all ready for this?

Stop tearing your extensions out and start seeing the results roll in. We'll be here to help you the whole way.


Here are some we prepared earlier.

  • The Instagram Algorithm
  • Nailing your theme
  • Creating engaging content
  • Finding relevant hashtags
  • Tools of Instagram
  • Must have apps
  • Building a relevant community
  • Instagram Insights

It's completely self paced. So you can take as little or as long as you'd like!

We've had some business owners take one month, but you could easily do it in 2 weeks if you dedicated yourself!

If you're posting daily stories, using 25-30 hashtags and posting content daily and know how to access your insights, this might be a little too beginner for you. However don't despair, we'll be releasing a more advanced course soon!

Feel free to holla at us over at @ohmydigital if you'd like to ask more questions!

We have a fun little Facebook group that you will have access to as soon as the course opens. You'll be able to ask your questions to your hearts content! Alternatively, you can hire us to do it for you!

Want to know more?

If you're still not 100% sure, and would like to ask us some questions, feel free to jump on over to our Facebook & message us. We'd love to help!


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